22 Best Blockchain Certification, Tutorial, Online Course and Classes for Developers

22 Best Blockchain Certification, Tutorial, Online Course and Classes for Developers

Do you want to have a solid hold on Blockchain technology and understand it from A to Z? Then here it is for you, a collection of the Best Blockchain Certification, Tutorials, Online Course and Classes for Developers.

The Blockchain is the new wave of the internet revolution. This decentralized digital ledger extends beyond any cryptocurrency. It is a secure field for transaction among multiple parties, which reduces cost by removing intermediates.

22 Best Blockchain Certification, Tutorial, Online Course and Classes for Developers

The Blockchain hype is growing and taking control of all the industries very fast. According to the Quora, in the US, the average income of a blockchain developer is $130,000 a year. On the other hand, a general software developer gets paid $105,000 a year.

There are numerous online courses on Blockchain you will find that demand to the best for you. To save you from the trouble, we did the research and listed here the few best courses from certified Blockchain experts.

So, sit tight, here come the chosen ones…

1. Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

This is the best-selling online with more than 40,000 enrolled students from all over the world. This course is presented by George Levy. It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Udemy. This video course, accompanying a PDF glossary, will teach you about the key elements of Blockchain and Bitcoin.

This course provides 2.5 hours of on-demand video, 2 articles, along with 2 downloadable resources. With lifetime access on their materials, you will be able to have a strong understanding of Blockchain, Bitcoin, and their business situation.

This well-organized tutorial is laid out in a logical format along with visual aids to follow easily. This course will also provide two downloadable and printable PDFs, which contain –

  • Glossary including over 100 of the most important Blockchain and Bitcoin terms so you can have the essential concepts and language available with you whenever you may need them.
  • An Infographic guide with steps on how to best manage any future possible Bitcoin Hard Forks.

If you want to understand the basics of Blockchain in a quick and highly effective way, then this is the course for you.

2. Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain

Hadelin de Ponteves and Kirill Eremenko from SuperDataScience Team have come up with this tutorial. They have almost 3,000 enrolled students, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5. This course will teach you to master Blockchain as “the most disruptive technology since the internet.”

This course has 14.5 hours of on-demand videos, 9 articles, and downloadable resources. Here, you will learn about the theories behind Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency, and it’s transitions.

With some basic knowledge of Python and knowledge of high school mathematics level, you can enroll in this online course and create your own Blockchain.

This certification course is divided into three modules that cover Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contract. The key factors of this course are –

  • From novice to Blockchain expert
  • A focus on doing, not just listening
  • The guide to an intuitive understanding
  • Real-world application
  • In-course support

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3. Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide

Stephen Grider presents this course to teach how to build production-ready apps based Blockchain by using Ethereum, Solidity and Smart Contracts. It has a 4.6 rating of out of 5, besides, over 31,000 enrolled students.

It provides 24 hours of on-demand video and 14 articles. With this materials, you will be learning how to create an app with the latest version of Ethereum development tools, the purpose, and capability of Ethereum and Solidity, along with practical examples to understand Blockchain.

Ethereum is a Cryptocurrency which is often labeled as Bitcoins successor. It is in constant change. In this course, you will learn how to assemble your own boilerplate package for Smart Contract along with the core technologies.

Likewise, Solidity is the programming language of for writing Smart Contract which is used to write any type of financial instrument. This course will make you an expert of Solidity. It will show you the best and most easily repeatable patterns to create apps with Ethereum.

4. Become a Blockchain Developer with Ethereum and Solidity

The creators of this course are Sebastien Arbogast and Said Eloudrhiri. It has almost 13,000 enrolled students. Out of 5, this course has a rating of 4.5. You will learn about creating an app on Ethereum Blockchain from scratch.

It provides 15 hours of on-demand video, 4 articles, and 50 downloadable resources. With this course, you will understand the basics of Blockchain and its decentralized applications, the fundamentals of Solidity as Smart Contract language, and how to connect all the right tools together.

This course is mostly dedicated to guiding you to create, develop, test and deploy the ChainList decentralized application. It briefly covers the philosophy behind Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. You will know how these works and how its ecosystem is structured, the tools and their usage. You will get detailed instructions on how to set your device for the environment.

5. Learn Python by Building a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmuller is presenting this online course on Python. It has over 10,000 students and a rating of 4,6 out of 5. This course will teach you how to use Python to build your own basic Blockchain and Cryptocurrency,

This certification course provides 18.5 hours of on-demand video, 24 articles, and 231 downloadable resources! Here, you can take advanced Python courses, and, with time, start working on your own Blockchain.

Python is the versatile and a great “first language” of programming. With no prior knowledge of programming, you can start this course and learn and run with Python. As a matter of fact, Blockchain is the new trend which will stay. Python covers a lot of aspects that make up a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency,

This course will teach you how to use python to create a blockchain. The real-life projects in this course will help you practice it properly.

6. The Basics of Blockchain: Ethereum, Bitcoin, & More

This course connects the dots among the business, economics, and technology of blockchain. Tom Serres, Bettina Warburg, and Dr. Bill have created this course. It has a 4.3 rating out of 5 on Udemy. Almost 9,000 students have already enrolled in this tutorial.

This course will explain blockchain to you and teach you all about the potentiality of business and economics related to Blockchain. The 3.5 hours on-demand videos and lifetime access on the material will help you to understand the market and technology.

Ted speaker Bettina Warburg and Tom Serres will provide you with their recently published, two years long research on the future of Supply Chain Technology called
Asset Chains: A Blockchain-enable Future of Supply Chain and Transportation Logistics.

The bonus materials with this course are –

  • The Animal Ventures white-paper Asset Chains: A Blockchain-enable Future of Supply Chain and Transportation Logistics 
  • A Glossary covering the most important concepts and terms relevant to the blockchain so that you can review them at your own pace.
  • A set of infographics that structure the principles covered in the course around economics and technology changes.
  • Expert video interviews with Dominic Williams, one of the first investors in Ethereum and Founder of the Definity Network, Vlad Zamfir, Blockchain Researcher and Creator of Casper, and Gavin Wood, one of the founders of the Ethereum Network and founder of Parity Technologies, and others.

If you want to learn and run with Blockchain industry, then this course is for you. jump into the business with a proper plan.

7. Blockchain Specialization

The University of Buffalo and the State University of New York are offering this specialization on Blockchain in Coursera. This intermediate level, 100% online course will teach you everything about Blockchain and Smart Contract. Bina Ramamurthy is the teaching professor of this Blockchain specialization

The major aspects for you to know are –

  • There are 4 courses in this specialization. you can start with any of the courses. When you will subscribe to any of these 4 courses, you are automatically subscribed to the full specialization. You can pause or end your learning at any time.
  • Each course includes a hands-on project. You will need to successfully finish the project to complete the course.
  • You will get a certificate with each course that you can share in your professional network.

Now let’s take a look over the courses in this Blockchain Specialization.

a. Blockchain Basics

This first course of the Blockchain Specialization provides a thorough view of the concept of Blockchain. This course has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Coursera. This beginner level course takes approximately 10 hours to complete.

Your syllabus for this course is –

  • Blockchain Defined
  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • Algorithms & Techniques
  • Trust Essentials.

This part of the specialization will explain to you the basic components of a Blockchain, underlying algorithms of it, and many other essentials with it. You will be able to understand the foundational concepts of Blockchain after this training.

b. Smart Contracts

This second course on Blockchain Specialization provides the best practices for designing solutions with Smart Contracts using Solidity and Remix IDE. The rating for this course intermediate level is 4.6 out of 5, which takes 10 hours to complete.

Your syllabus for this course is-

  • Smart contract basics
  • Solidity
  • Putting it all together
  • Best practices

Smart Contracts is the computational element of the Blockchain technology. This tutorial will help you to design, code, deploy and execute a smart contract.

c. Decentralized Applications (Dapps)

The third course of specialization covers the basic design of DAPP. It will teach you how to use Truffle IDE, Smart Contracts, a simple web client and a MetaMask client. It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. This intermediate course takes approximately 10 hours to complete.

Your syllabus for this course is-

  • Decentralized application (DAPP)
  • Truffle development
  • Design improvement
  • Application models & standards

After this training, you will be able to design and develop end-to-end decentralized applications (Dapps).

d. Blockchain Platforms

This fourth course provides an understanding of the broader Blockchain ecosystem. You will come across practical Blockchain platforms like Hyperledger and Microsoft Azure. Decentralized models like IPSF and Hashgraph will be introduced as your course material.

This intermediate level course will take 9 hours to complete. It has a 4.6 rating out of 5 on Coursera.

Your syllabus for this course is –

  • Permissioned Blockchains
  • Decentralized applications platforms
  • Challenges & solutions
  • Alternative decentralized solutions

You will have a complete understanding of the Blockchain platform with this online tutorial.

8. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

Princeton University is offering this course on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This is a 100% online course on Coursera. Arvind Narayanan is the instructor of this course. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Learn to be a proficient developer of Cryptocurrency through this certification course.

This course will take 18 hours to complete. The syllabus covers-

  • Introduction to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies.
  • How bitcoin achieves decentralization
  • Mechanics for bitcoin
  • How to store and use Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Bitcoin and anonymity
  • Community, politics, and regulation
  • Alternative mining puzzles
  • Bitcoin as a platform
  • Altcoin and the Cryptocurrency ecosystem
  • The future of Bitcoin

This online training will answer all of your questions related to Bitcoin. After this program, you will be able to separate fact from fiction about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. You will also be able to generate ideas form Bitcoin in your own project.

9. Ethereum Blockchain Developer 2017/18: Build Blockchain Apps

Ravinder Deol, Thomas Wiesner, B21 Block, Danix Okamoto- a bunch of experts on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have come up with this online course. With over 12,000 enrolled students, this course has a rating of 4.1 out of 5.

Here, you will learn about the major tools of Solidity, Smart Contract, Ethereum, how to apply these in projects. The materials for you are 7 hours of on-demand video and 12 articles. You can check out the preview video about this course on Udemy.

The ideal students for this course are those who have some basic knowledge of any of these- Web Development, JavaScript, Ajax-Requests, AngularJS, Gulp/Grunt, and the Node Package Manager and Git.

The Ethereum Blockchain developer course is one of the largest and most in-depth online course. You will be able to learn about Ethereum Blockchain on a practical level. With step-by-step instructions, you will learn to use the core development tools. The lifetime access on this course includes all future updates for free.

10. Blockchain Development on Hyperledger Fabric using Composer

Rajeev Sakhuja is presenting this course where you will learn to develop Network Applications on Hyberledger Fabric and composure technology. This course is rated 4.4 out 5 on Udemy. Over 6,000 students have already enrolled in this course.

Here you will be provided with 8.5 hours on-demand video and 16 articles. The materials will teach you about Hyperledger Fabric technology, Business network application, Blockchain application using composer framework.

If you want to enroll in this course, you need to have the basic knowledge about Blockchain and Web Applications (HTTP, REST). You need to have some experience with Javascript, or Java, or NodeJS. If you are not comfortable with coding, this course strictly forbids to join.

This course takes the approach of “Learn by Doing”. It validates students learning with multiple quizzes and coding examples.

The outline for this course is-

  • Build a foundation – covers Blockchain concepts + Hyperledger project-fabric-composer
  •  Introduction to  Hyperledger Fabric & Composer Technology
  •  Setting up the development tools – (Docker, NodeJS, Fabric, Composer tools
  • Fabric under the hood – the student will learn how the Fabric technology works
  • Learn to use the Composer tools   (Modeling, Yo generators, REST Server, CLI, Playground
  • ACME Airline Blockchain Application: We will develop a Network application for this fictitious Airline
  •  Composer SDK/API
  • Transaction flow in Fabric – unravel some of the mysteries

If you are serious about learning Blockchain development, then you should go with the responsible instructor who presents this serious online course!

11. Learn Blockchain By Building Your Own In JavaScript

Eric Traub strikes with his course on Blockchain that will teach you how to create a decentralized network in the JavaScript programming language. It has a 4.6 out of 5 ratings and over 11,700 enrolled students.

This certification course provides 8 hours of on-demand video and 5 articles. With this tutorial, you will know how the technology behind Blockchain works and you will be building your own Blockchain network.

Anyone can enroll in this program with some basic knowledge of JavaScript and installation of NodeJS. This course will teach you how Blockchain technology works under-the-hood and the secret s of the secure Blockchain.

The Blockchain that you build in this course will have all of the following features:

  • A proof of work algorithm to secure the network.
  • Hashing algorithms to secure the data within the blockchain.
  • The ability to mine (create) new blocks that contain data.
  • The ability to create transactions and store them in blocks.
  • An API/server that will be used to interact with the blockchain from the internet.
  • It will be hosted on a decentralized blockchain network.
  • A consensus algorithm to verify that the network nodes have valid data and are synchronized.
  • A broadcasting system to keep the data in the blockchain network synchronized.

With the completion of this certification course, you will have your own secure Blockchain prototype in code.

12. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) Essentials

With almost 40,000 enrolled students and a rating of 4.1 out of 5, Farhaan Hussain is teaching this online tutorial, where you will learn everything about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Trading, Mining, ICO, Altcoins, DAO, Investing etc.

The materials provided by this course are 9.5 hours on-demand video and 57 articles. Moreover, all the videos are downloadable. Here, you will learn what cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Ethereum are, and how all these works.

This course will make sure that you do not leave behind in the time of greatest revolution in technology and economics. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are explained in an easy way in this course.

13. Ethereum For Beginners: Build A Hello World Blockchain App

Ravinder Deol, Thomas Wiesner, B21 Block, Danix Okamoto are back with another course on Ethereum for beginners. Over 25,000 students have already enrolled in this program. It has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.

With this course, you will learn to build an Ethereum Hello World Blockchain Application. This course provides 1-hour on-demand video and 4 articles. Start you journey with Ethereum blockchain development at a basic level.

To enroll in this course, you need some basic knowledge of any of the following- Web Development, JavaScript, Ajax-Requests, AngularJS, Gulp/Grunt and the Node Package Manager.

This short and on to the point practical course runs with the sole purpose to get you started on your journey to be Ethereum Blockchain developer. Learn to build a Hello World Blockchain Application in a private network with this online tutorial.

14. Blockchain Advanced Level: Uses Beyond Bitcoin 2018

Award-winning instructor George Levy strikes again with this course which will make you understand applications of Blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin. It has a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Udemy and over 1,500 enrolled students.

If you join in this training, you can get your hands on the 1.5 hours on-demand video and 1 downloadable resource. It will help you to understand the business uses of Blockchain that extends beyond Bitcoin. With some basic knowledge about Blockchain technology and how Bitcoin leverages Blockchain, you can easily enroll in this online course.

The certified instructor will explain multiple uses of Blockchain and the various platforms where Blockchain technology is heading. Here, you will find real Blockchain uses that are on live and driving real outcomes.

It also includes –

  • Access to a custom programmed, online demo blockchain platform.
  • PDF Downloadable and Printable guide on when to use a public or a private Blockchain

A simple, concise explanation and engaging presentation will make this course worthy to you.

15. IBM Blockchain Foundation for Developers

IBM is offering this online course of blockchain for developers. It has a 4.4 rating out of 5 on Coursera. Ant Cole and Dave Gorman are the instructors for this course.

If you are a software developer and new to Blockchain then this course is for you. This course will provide you with several videos on high-level concepts, components, and strategies on building the networks of Blockchain.

At the beginning of the course, you will come to know about the basics of Blockchain. Gradually, this course will present the basic software object-oriented programming and how to use the command line.

The outline of this online course for you –

  • Welcome to this course
  • Leverage blockchain benefits
  • Transform your business with blockchain
  • Blockchain composed
  • Blockchain fabric development and architecture
  • Wrap up

This intermediate level course will take approximately 9 hours to complete. You need to pass several quizzes and a final exam to attain the course completion certificate and the IBM digital badge.

16. Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases

ConsenSys Academy is offering this 100% online course on Blockchain. This beginner level course has a 4.6 rating out of 5 on Coursera. Get to know about the Blockchain business as well as about the philosophy behind it with this course.

This tutorial focuses on both developer and non-developer audience. Throughout this course, you will be analyzing businesses use cases, getting in touch with industry leaders, and developing a use case yourself.

The syllabus for this course is-

  • Module 1: Blockchain Foundations
  • Module 2: The Technical Side
  • Module 3: Blockchain in Use
  • Module 4: Further Topics
  • Module 5: Use Cases

This course will take approximately 15 hours to complete with a flexible deadline. You will get a completion certificate after finishing this course.

17. Blockchain Certification Training

This online certification course on edureka! has more than 11,000 satisfied learners. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5, this course is in high demand. In this course, you will learn to set up your own Blockchain, and eventually, learn to deploy this business network using Hyperledger.

You will find 30 hours of instructor-led Blockchain live online classes. Blockchain course curriculum covers-

  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • Delving into Blockchain
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Ethereum
  • Setting up a private Blockchain environment using Ethereum platform
  • Hyperledger
  • Setting up a development environment using Hyperledger composer
  • Create & deploy your private Blockchain on MultiChain
  • Prospects of Blockchain

You will also find three projects under this course. Besides, assignments, expert support, real life case studies and lifetime access on all the materials come with this certification course.

18. Ethereum Developer Certification Course

With a 4.5 rating out of 5 and over 2,000 satisfied students, this certification course on Ethereum is offered on edureka! for developers. This course will explain the underlying about Ethereum, its ecosystem, Smart Contract using solidity and frameworks like Web3.js, Truffle and TestRPC.

15 hours of instructor-led live online classes on Ethereum and 24 x 7 expert support will be available with this for you.

The curriculum of this course covers-

  • Blockchain 101
  • Introduction to Ethereum
  • Solidity
  • Advanced Solidity
  • Developing a DApp using Truffle

So, get your hands on the real life case studies with this certification course, which will provide lifetime access on its materials to you.

19. Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunity May 2018

This course on BitDegree has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and almost 13,500 enrolled students. The superhero cryptocurrency instructor Suppoman will teach you about his field of expertise in this online tutorial.

In this course, you will learn about the investment in the potential sector and the criteria that identify the best investment opportunities in Cryptocurrency.

This short course on Cryptocurrency is 30 minutes long. You just need to have the basic knowledge of how to buy Cryptocurrency to understand this tutorial properly,

This online course will introduce you to a system that can work when you will invest in any promising Cryptocurrency. It will help you to take the right decision for your investment in the future.

These are the Best Blockchain Certification, Tutorial, Online Course and Classes for Developers. This course will help you to have some insights into the basics of the Blockchain, and other Blockchains related subjects like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract, Solidity, and many other things. You will also learn about the practical application of the Blockchain technology.

All you need is just to have compassion for software development. If you invest your time and energy properly and actually try to learn from any of these online courses, you can become an expert blockchain developer. So, chose a course suitable for you, get enrolled and start to practice Blockchain.

22 Best Blockchain Certification, Tutorial, Online Course and Classes for Developers
22 Best Blockchain Certification, Tutorial, Online Course and Classes for Developers
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