Advertising & Disclosure Policy

We really appreciate you stopping by to understand better how Digital Learning Land works and especially how is possible for us to grow our business.

First of all, we need to clear out that everything you see on the site, content-wise, is created uniquely for this site and we do not copy anything. You can make sure of this by using Copyscape. Also, our main goal is to provide information on online courses and review each one of the course providers available online for our specific target market Tech and Marketing.

Everything you see and read on this site is completely free, meaning that there is no fee to pay to read our content. Also, we will never ask you to pay anything, unless you really want to support our work because you think we deserve it, but that’s really your own choice. This will always be a strict rule on Digital Learning Land.

How do we make money with this site?

We believe it’s important to be transparent with our users and so we are. At the moment, Cosmin Mesenschi our Editor-in-Chief is the only one who is funding this project. So, we need a way to monetize this site in order to sustain any future activity because it won’t last if there is no investment.

Fortunately online courses providers have an affiliate marketing program which allows individuals or businesses to create a partnership with them. If the partner, such as us, deliver traffic to their sites and they sign up through the referral link provided by them. The partner will receive a commission.

Thus, we partnered up with them. Now, every time you sign up to an online course thanks to us we will receive a commission on the sale.

Advertising Policy

Every now and then we may allow businesses or individuals to promote their brands on our website. We definitely will consider your requests one by one. We will work only with people that share the same value as we do, for more about us please check this page.

If you have any inquiries you would like to make, please contact us here or via mail at: info [@] cosminmesenschi [.] com

We have a procedure about advertising, please take the time to read and understand more about it as it will save time for both parties.

1. We review the ads / banners

We have the right and the discretion to evaluate each enquire received and the power in deciding if either that ad placement will be accepted or not. We reserve the right to reject, cancel or remove any kind of ad at any time for any reason. Of course, we will notify the advertiser with a written email along with an explanation.

2. We don’t vouch for any products or services

Even if we allow the placement of any kind of advertising on our platform, under no circumstances we are not endorsing that specific product or service advertised or whoever is promoting it. If you see any rating for any product/service on our site it means that our Editorial team has given it by their ranking system and not advised by the advertiser. We want to make it clear that any payment is not going to influence our rating for any of the online course that is present on

3. We will not accept certain types of ads

As the title states, we are not going to accept certain types of ads. Meaning that there will be an analysis of the ad that the advertiser would like to place. We will accept only what is relevant to our users meaning that if a product or service is out of context we are not going to promote it.

IMPORTANT: all ads must clearly identify the advertiser. Any ad that could be confused with our editorial content will be clearly labelled as an advertorial, something like “brought you by …”.

4. Affiliate marketing programs

As mentioned above, we are part of some affiliate programs and this means that we are going to get a commission every time the users sign ups with our referral link and makes a purchase. We will only include links to relevant products or services and that will help in increasing your overall experience on our site.

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